Bots are one of the worst aspects of the Twitter experience. Who hasn't had a night like this: You gain a new follower, and judging by the avi, it looks like she's pretty cute. She DMs you. She wants to show you her what? You start to get excited. It might be time to bump that Mad Men re-run for a bout of sexting. After a quick glimpse at "her" poor grammar and way-too-high following-to-followers ratio, you realize the sad truth: that account is run by a sweaty, low-rent porn web master in a basement somewhere, and you're not going to be sexting anyone tonight.

There is, however, a bright spot in the generally dark world of Twitter bots. Humorous, clever users have created accounts built around words, phrases, or careful retweets that behave similarly to the obnoxious porn bots, but are after your appreciation instead of your routing number. Whether they are correcting your grammar, mocking your pretension, or trying in earnest to change your perspective, Twitter bots are being used to create some of the most absurd humor on Twitter. Get over the pain of realizing that you newest follower isn't a hot co-ed looking for a three way (and she's not going to get you a free IPad either) and enjoy The 25 Most Ridiculous Twitter Bots.