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Once upon a greater time in advertising history, you couldn’t sell a product without attaching a face to the brand. Said face didn’t even have to be a human face. In fact, it was usually a mythical creature or animal with advanced verbal skills. They all had distinct personas and background stories, and we believed each one. They were as real to us as the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, and we trusted them to endorse only the finest food products.

These mascots have changed over the years. Some have changed past the point of recognition. With makeovers, replacements, and retirements, the mascot game isn't what it once was. Many companies now opt to ditch their mascots and just pay actors to sell their goods—the horror.

Don't forget the mascots we’ve lost, and show love to the ones that are still here. In the spirit of paying homage to the greats, we present The 25 Coolest Snack Mascots of All Time.

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