Google Now has arrived on the iOS platform, making it compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. The similarity to Google's Android app is uncanny, right down to the look and feel, says The Verge.

Google Now on iOS brings almost all the same cards to iOS as its Android app, except airline boarding passes, Fandango and local events. It can display your next available appointment, but will use Google Calendar to do so. Also, 22 of the 29 different card types on Android will be available on iOS.

Google Now will also support iOS' background feature, meaning it won't take so long for the app to pinpoint locations when it's launched. In contrast to Android, however, the app won't rely on iOS' high-priority push notifications to send alerts, nor can it be launched with a system-wide shortcut, unless you know how to jailbreak a phone. Also worth pointing out is that the iOS app can't do the same background sync that Now can do on Android, says The Verge

[via The Verge]