If you're a Casanova who fears his game may be getting stale, or one simply looking to refine his approach, he's what not to do: Slash women's tires. This week, a Japanese man admitted to slashing up to 1,000 tires in a rather desperate attempt to pick up women. Apparently, this dude has a "damsel in distress" fetish. 

25-year-old Yoshihito Harada came clean about scoping out parked cars and poking holes in their tires, thus giving him a reason to play hero. RocketNews24 explained Harada's suave approach:

While changing the tire he would strike up a conversation with the women and exchange phone numbers with them. One woman who fell victim to Harada's scheme told a female friend of hers, "I recently got a flat and a man offered to change it for me." Upon hearing the story the friend exclaimed, "The same thing happened to me!" Suspecting a scam, the women reported the matter to police who launched an investigation.

Deception isn't the way to a woman's heart. In addition to whatever punishment the judge decides on, this dude should have to fix flats for a month, just because.

[via Gawker]