During its run, 30 Rock made numerous, witty references to Mad Men – Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm, even guest-starred a few times – so it makes sense that the AMC series would return the favor in their own, genius way: Last Sunday’s episode of Mad Men featured Ted (Kevin Rahm) ordering a drink called the “Old Spanish” - red wine, tonic water and olives – a drink that originated on 30 Rock and was originally described by Matthew Broderick’s memorable character, Cooter. As in, Cooter described it to Jack, and was promptly told that it wasn’t a real thing.

But now, Cooter gets his moment to shine! It is a real thing! Four for you, Cooter.

It was 30 Rock writer Tracy Wigfield who caught the reference and pointed it out on her Twitter:

Moral of this story: Mad Men, doing it better than everyone else since 1960.

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[via Huffington Post]