Basketball video game designers take great care in capturing the intricacies of the NBA game. Over the years, one-button passing, shooting, and dribble moves have been replaced by complicated patterns of button mashing that allow gamers to control contests down to the muscle twitch. But for all the realism in basketball games, something's missing. Let's call it "the fuckery." Or, if that's too blue for you, the male soap opera. Because, let's be real, we watch the NBA as much to see Carmelo Anthony go ham for a scoring title as we do to see Kevin Garnett get under Melo's skin by telling him what cereal his wife tastes like.

With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, Complex takes a closer look at the details of what's going on, both on and off the court. Eyeballs warmed up and stretched? 'Cause it's time to blow the whistle on 10 Real Life Features That Should Be In Basketball Video Games.

Written by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)

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