Network: CBS
Air Dates: October 2, 1982-May 21, 1990
Stars: Bob Newhart, Mary Framm, Peter Scolari, Jennifer Holmes, Julia Duffy, Tom Poston, Steven Kampmann, William Sanderson, Tony Papenfuss

It's hard to pick on Bob Newhart, but nobody's safe here. For eight seasons, Newhart and Mary Frann played Dick and Joanna Loudon, the author and his devoted spouse who ran an inn in a small Vermont town. It doesn't get much whiter than that.

The Beaver Lodge was visited by several weirdos, whose strange behavior often left Dick questioning his own sanity. Though he eventually began hosting his own local talk show, he was still plagued by the locals and their odd ways.

Newhart was as lovable as Bob Newhart himself, but it couldn't have been further removed from the alternate white univ—er, Vermont town that the characters inhabited.

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