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Normally we don't bother covering Facebook games, because, well, they're normally not that great. We're making an exception this time on account of March Madness, NCAA basketball, and a chance to pad your wallet.

Fanhood is a social application developer leading the charge to create well crafted sports content on Facebook. You may have heard of Fanhood thanks to the emergence of what is being called the 'social casino space' on Facebook. What that means is betting in real time for real cash.

March Madness Brackets from Fanhood is allowing players to participate in the NCAA Championship in a more direct way with all of their Facebook friends.

“Fanhood’s March Madness Brackets is providing a fun, easy way to enjoy the Tournament with a broader group of friends,” said Brandon Ramsey, CEO and founder of Fanhood.

“This long overdue modernization of ‘bracketology’ will give a serious social boost to the tournament and is a big win for fans.”  

Oh, we mentioned money, right? Eligible participants in the March Madness Brackets by Fanhood will have a shot at winning a $4,000 cash prize. Sports trivia, pools, bracket, and challenges are just a few of the features being offered by Fanhood. Head over to Fanhood right here to get started.