It's been reported that Iranian officials were unhappy with the portrayal of their county in this year's Academy Award-winning Best Picture Argo, but are they planning to sue Hollywood because of it? According to Yahoo! News, maybe.

Apparently, several news outlets including Iranian media are reporting that French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre - the lawyer famous for representing and marrying Venezuelan-born terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, or "Carlos the Jackal" - is in Iran to discuss options and where to file a potential lawsuit over the film. 

Iranian media has previously called the Ben Affleck-starring movie, which follows the story of the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis - "pro-CIA, anti-Iran propaganda." Plans for a lawsuit against Hollywood reportedly came about afte Iranian cultural officials and movie critics screened the film, and determined it to be a "violation of international cultural norms" and believed that Iranians were depicted as "too violent."

In a statement released after the screening, those present said that "awarding an anti-Iran movie" - presumably meaning its Oscar win - "is a propaganda attack against our nation and entire humanity."

The movie hasn't been released officially in Iran, but bootleg DVDs are a hot item on the black market.

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[via Yahoo! News]