No, really—it's dark as fuck. It's typical for high-school show to deal with murder and sexual assault. But twenty minutes into the pilot of VM our heroine drops this unforgettable bomb on us: “Want to know how I lost my virginity? So do I.” Cut to a flashback that shows the recently socially-alienated Veronica defiantly showing up to a house party, only to get anonymously roofied and wake up barely clothed the next morning. When she tells the new sheriff, he's all, “boo-hoo, sad story.”

At times the show owned up to the silliness of a 16-year-old girl investigating mysteries for her classmates with decidedly light fare—like the case of the missing mascot—but these were ultimately just moments of levity amidst an exceedingly gloomy setting. Suicide, the mass murder of teenagers, pedophilia, rape, and other terrible events all had time in the spotlight during the 64 episode-run. —FT