Any experienced viewer goes into a television season knowing that more than a handful of series won't make it to the other side. Some pessimists even go as far as to completely avoid surefire cancel-bait no matter how tantalizing the premise looks. Well, we never learned that lesson. Year after year, we experience the same heartbreak of losing that great show that would've totally gone on to enjoy a brilliant, worthwhile run if only more people tuned in.

The saddest loss of 2012 so far? NBC's high-concept drama Awake, which finds a cop toggling between alternate realities after his family suffers a fatal car accident. In one universe, his son lives, the other his wife. Is he dreaming up one reality to cope, or is some transcendent metaphysical experience occurring? We'll probably never know. The cancellation hurts the most when a good mystery is on the line, so in honor of the prematurely deceased Awake, we list 10 Good TV Plots Left Unresolved By Cancellation.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan

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