The bad news just keeps on coming for NBC comedy Up All Night. In addition to creator Emily Spivey departing, and plans for a total series overhaul that would include changing even its filming format from single camera to multi-camera, Vulture is reporting that the show's lead female, Christina Applegate, has quit. 

Somehow, NBC hasn't given up on the series yet - despite soft ratings and criticisms of its direction, they're determined to keep the show going and are looking into recasting Applegate's role. The decision makes no sense as Applegate has been completely established as her character Reagan, but still names like Lisa Kudrow and Jane Krakowski have been mentioned by various sources. According to Kudrow's producing partner Dan Bucatinsky, though, there's "no truth at all" to Kudrow possibly joining the cast. 

Other rumors have the plot of the show completely reformatted as well - BuzzFeed's Kate Aurthur tweeted that the new version of the show, "should it ever exist," will be "the behind-the-scenes in the making of a TV show" with the actors playing actors who work on a show. 

Up All Night was a cute show in its first season, and has Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels on as an executive producer - but it's certainly not worth saving in the fashion that NBC is trying to, especially now that one of the main cast members has left. So, we ask: How is it that the network not making this much of an effort with an actually critically-acclaimed, cult hit like Community?

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[via Vulture]