The good news? According to The Hollywood ReporterNBC has given their modestly rated comedy Up All Night, which is currently in its second season, an order for three additional episodes this year. The bad news? The series is entering a three month hiatus next week so producers and crew can facilitate a transition into a multi-camera method of filming, and the series won't resume production again until February. 

The decision to order extra episodes was made after a small rise in the ratings of the series, which have always been solid but never quite outstanding. As for the change in format, new showrunner Tucker Crawley and executive producer Emily Spivey have both worked extensively on multi-camera shows in the past, with Crawley hailing from Everybody Loves Raymond and Spivey from Saturday Night Live

The series will air its last single-camera episode of the year in December, and return in multi-camera format sometime in April or May. Episodes will also begin being filmed in front of a live audience, similar to The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.

So, now, the important question here is: Will Community take Up All Night's timeslot during this hiatus?

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