Frank Ocean has been hailed by critics and musical peers alike for the lyrics he’s pennedoften admired for his deep introspection and affecting nuance. His tweets amass a similar praise, except the oohhs and aahhs are over musings like “the thirst is really real brah" and “not a fan of plain white socks."

Then again, the thirst is very much real and white socks can be a pest to clean. Still, are the people dipping into Frank’s ocean and acting like they discovered the meaning of life in need of a cold shower or are the skeptics missing out on the lessons?

In anticipation of Frank's big night at the Grammys on Sunday (he's nominated for six awards), we decided to look back on the singer's insightful viewpointsfrom technology, the future, and gun control to science, Keyshia Cole, and why knowledge isn’t always power.

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