After a large popcorn and gallon-sized soda, it's no wonder we find ourselves doing the I-need-to-pee dance in cushy movie seats, while contemplating if we should go now and later.

RunPee is an iPhone, Android and Windows application that suggests several ideal times to step away from the screen, so you can do your business without missing too much of the flick.

The app's creators point out spans of three to five minutes that movie watchers can stand to miss. For 90-minute movies, there are about two to three "peetimes." For each break you decide to take, you'll see a short synopsis of what you're missing that you can quickly read on your way back.

Make sure to download the app before your next movie date. Select the movie you're about to watch, start the timer once the film starts and tuck your phone away. When it's the perfect time to head out, the phone will vibrate.

[via Brit+Co]