A Most Dope tour of the Iron City.

This feature is a part of Complex's "Man of Next Year" Week.

If you grew up in Pittsburgh, your parents probably dragged you to Clayton, the palatial home of Henry Clay Frick, in the quiet neighborhood of Point Breeze. The boss of industry purchased the house in 1882, long before it would open its doors to the public as a museum.

One hundred and ten years later, in 1992, Mac Miller was born in Pittsburgh. He too would make his home in Point Breeze. These days fans flock to the Frick Park Market, the sandwich shop he popularized in his song of the same name.

Pittburgh is a strange place, more Midwestern in mentality than East Coast. Frankly, it’s a tough place to visit. You have to live there for some time to figure out the mess of streets that snake between and around the three rivers, streets that cut up the many neighborhoods, each with a distinctive community and culture.

If you don’t live there, you need someone to show you around. Even though he lives in L.A. now, Mac’s up for the job. So dress yourself in black and gold—you’ll stand out less—and check out Mac Miller’s Guide to Pittsburgh.

As told to Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)

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