Big news for Lena Dunham's HBO comedy Girls: Apparently, it just got some major endorsement from none other than feminist icon Gloria Steinem. According to Vulture, who caught up with Steinem at a screening for Makers: Women Who Make America last night, Steinam is a huge supporter of the series.

"I am so relieved to see real people saying real words and wearing real clothes," she said of the show. Particularly, she commends the fact that Dunham is fearless with showing real, imperfect bodies as well. "I think the more rebellious we become politically and economically in our lives, the more society tries to tell us that there's something wrong with us," She added. "In order to sort of say, 'Well, it's your fault. If you looked different, if you weighed less ... ' It is part of the backlash."

There you have it. Critics, eat your hearts out.

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[via Vulture]