There's been more bitter ink spilled by critics about Lena Dunham's Girls than any other television show in recent memory. It makes sense. Because she's a woman, Dunham is under enormous pressure; because she has an unfortunately rare opportunity to helm a series, her show must be everything to everyone.

But Girls can only be one show. And if you're familiar with her 2010 film Tiny Furniture and her project at large, the tight focus of her HBO series should come as no surprise. Still, people were angry when the show debuted last year. Now, with the second season premiering Sunday, the haters are coming back out to heckle and shout.

All of this is to say nothing of the blatantly sexist criticisms of the show and Dunham. Those people can just go fuck themselves.

Let's get into the deep ugly shit with The 25 Meanest Things Said About Girls.

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Written by Ross Scarano (@RossScarano)