The Air Jordan XX8 will be released tomorrow, and D.C. police and retailers have collaborated to make sure that the event goes down without violence. According to First District Commander Daniel Hickson, police are working with retailers in the Capitol Hill area to ensure that the release is smooth:

There have been several incidents in the city over the past year that have occurred outside of shoe stores that were hosting a “release” of a new shoe model. In the past, MPD was not notified in advance of these events and usually we became aware when a crowd would begin to gather outside of retailers. First District Officers have met with shoe stores’ managers in 1D, who have agreed to provide advance notice to the First District when a shoe release is scheduled.

Not only do the $250 sneakers drop during NBA All-Star Weekend, Michael Jordan himself will turn 50 on Sunday. Hopefully, the excitement for this release will not lead to shots being fired as they were in December when the "Bred" XI's  dropped. Police would rather be prepared for incidents in advance than have to deal with them after the fact.

[via DCist]


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