From the outside looking in, there's no overlap between the world's of rap and technology start-ups. Ask venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, however, and he'll tell you the two are more related than you think. For over a year, the former CEO of Opsware, who founded the successful VC firm Andreessen Horowitz with Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, has been using rap lyrics to break down certain business and managerial principles on his blog His use of rap has led him to speak in front of the Congressional Black Caucus where he discussed the role African-Americans play in technology and social media. Speaking to the New York Times, Horowitz said that while traditional business literature can teach the mechanics, they can't teach passion or feeling. “The hard part is how you feel," he said. "Rap helps me connect emotionally.” To see just how good his taste in rap is, we went through Ben's blog and picked the best references.