Most Notable Movie: Fish Tank (2009)

The Academy Award-winning director (foWasp, named the Best Live Action Short) has come a long way from dancing on On Top of the Pops, and presenting the kid's television show No. 73. After her retirement from working in front of the camera, Arnold studied directing in L.A. at the AFI Conservatory. Most of her films—her latest being a reimagining of Wuthering Heights—revolve around themes of lower class struggles and single mothers. 

Arguably her most striking work is Fish Tank, where Arnold truly mastered her presence as a director. On it, she worked mainly with non-actors or first-timers so the feel of the film could be more organic. She insisted that the film was shot all on location, in chronological order, to help her new actress, Katie Jarvis, understand her character. Arnold only gave Jarvis daily scripts for her to study. For her work, the filmmaker won the BAFTA for Best British Film.