Director: Hideo Nakata
Country of origin: Japan

You can't blame Hideo Nakata for wanting some stateside recognition. After all, his superb supernatural horror film Ringu (1998) provided the basis for Gore Verbinski's massive, genre-revitalizing hit The Ring (2002), though only devoted genre enthusiasts acknowledged the original and its Japanese director. So when the inevitable sequel, The Ring Two, came to fruition, with star Naomi Watts still onboard, Nakata must've considered it a prime opportunity to show American audiences how the O.G. gets down.

Unfortunately, they also hired screenwriter Ehren Kruger, whose script for this putrid enterprise riddles itself with Swiss cheese-like holes when it's not ineffectively rehashing the scariest bits from Verbinski's film. The rest of the film's key players, meanwhile, do nothing to better his hack-job of a screenplay. You get the feeling that Watts, who looks either bored or embarrassed throughout, signed onto this waste of time out of a sense of obligation.

By the film's end, one gets the sense that, for his part, Nakata really just wanted cash an American paycheck. Forget highway robbery—that's international airway theft.