It says a lot about Miike’s talents that one of his lesser movies, One Missed Call, is leagues above Hollywood’s same-named and pathetic remake. It’s not that One Missed Call is a bad movie; it’s just not all that original.

Apparently Miike is a fan of The Ring (or its Japanese original, Ringu). One Missed Call is similar to that supernatural gem in both style and tone, the chills in this case deriving from voicemails left by a person’s future self at the moment of his or her death. With the usual J-horror imagery at his disposal (pasty ghosts with long, flowing black hair, for example), Miike reins himself in to show that he’s able to freak us out without any over-the-top gore.

In many ways, One Missed Call is Miike’s most restrained movie, but it does have one loony scene that’s amongst his best: A live TV show invites a potential victim onto its set in hopes of broadcasting the teen’s death on air, and all hell breaks loose. Even in a familiar J-horror ghost story, Miike finds space for extremely dark comedy.