Though cryptic tweet from Breaking Bad star Dean Norris featuring a picture of him standing between co-star Bryan Cranston's former TV wife Jane Kaczmarek and Cranston himself seemed to point towards a definite Malcolm in the Middle reunion in the near future - a tweet from Kaczmarek herself also seemed to confirm the rumors - apparently that's not so much the case. According to Vulture, a source at the show has revealed Kaczmarek won't be appearing in any upcoming episodes of Breaking Bad. Sad face.

There is a silver lining however - instead of a guest spot on the series, Kaczmarek will be featured on the show in a DVD extra for the series! When you think about it, this is basically just as good; The Internet works fast, and someone will surely upload it to YouTube for us all to see when it's released.

No word yet on what the extra will entail, but they certainly have some promising options.

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[via Vulture]