Zynga has released a fascinating little infographic called the "Farmville 2 Almanac" with some details that we would have never guessed at—like the fact that there are 17 Farmville 2 players in The Vatican itself. Isn't it nice to know that all those donations to the collection basket on Sunday are going toward the pope's virtual fertilizer needs?

There are some other interesting tidbits as well, like the fact that there are nine Farmville 2 players in the small and remote island nation of Tuvalu (no, we've never heard of it either), or that 350 million crops are harvested every day—8,000 are planted every second, and enough fertilizer has been produced in the game to cover 24 million acres of actual farmland. Wow.

Are you addicted to Farmville 2? Or did you just pop in for the pope joke?