Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

There are many celebrities who use social media to wax poetic about life, love, sex, and the pursuit of happiness and profit, but few luminaries have been as successful with their faux-deep musings as singer-actor-pseudo-self-help-guru Tyrese. He might be the arch-rival of Dictionary.com, and yet he is a New York Times best-selling author, gets co-signs from Oprah, and is constantly retweeted by followers that look to him as some sort of singing Dahlia Llama. Clearly, people love to hear what the man has to say.

In The World According To Tyrese, I examine how the entertainer has famously used Twitter to opine on some of the biggest issues of our timeincluding butt shots, lesbians, African Mandingo Warriors, and powerful Asians. Get ready to be educated. Or, you know, not so much.