Ten years ago today, on January 22, 2003, the first episode of Chappelle's Show aired on Comedy Central. Viewers were allowed inside the genius of comic Dave Chappelle for just two complete seasons.

During production for the third season, Chappelle began to suffer misgivings about his work and how his racially- and politically-charged comedy was being received. He was suffering from great stress, and so he left. The Lost Episodessketches from what would have been the third season—eventually aired, but they cleared up little about Chappelle's tumultuous mind-state during this period.

Those first two seasons of Chappelle's Show stand as some of the funniest, most pointed TV ever made. Sketch comedy rose to ridiculous heights, birthing catchphrases that touched all Americans. Admit it: In high school, you asked your math teacher, "What'd the five fingers say to the face?" We all did.

The 25 Greatest Chappelle's Show GIFs are strong reminders of the show's quality, and will hopefully send you back to the brilliant episodes from which they came.

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