We all know that one of the biggest drawbacks from the Wii U, aside from no one buying it, is that the battery life on the GamePad has about as much lasting power as a high school boy at a strip club.

Three hours, if you're lucky, is what you can expect to get from the GamePad out of the box. Nyko, has seen an opportunity and has managed to TRIPLE the life of pad's gaming time. Their Power Pak, which fills up the battery compartment in the GamePad's reverse side, will give you up to three times the battery life of the standard battery. It's as easy as unplugging the Wii U battery and replacing it with the PowerPak. 

And if you're not feeling particularly tech savvy, or maybe you're terrified of screwdrivers, there is the U Boost. An on-board battery that will double the battery life of the GamePad, which attaches to the back of the GamePad, no assembly required. Both the Power Pak and U Boost will be up for grabs next month for $24.99.