#12-11: Yun & Yang

Series: Street Fighter
Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
Premise: Street Fighter V

Complex Says: Alex initially played hero in the SFIII timeline. He won the SF3 tourney that would lead him to the man that defeated his friend, Tom, in battle who is none other than Gill. Alex did his thing in 2nd Impact, and left a hero void for SF3: 3rd Strike. Enter Yun and Yang.

Their relationship is a reverse of Ryu and Ken much like Terry and Andy Bogard in that the older brother is very macho and borderline cocky while the younger is quiet, and a tad envious of his older brother. Street Fighter Eternal confirms that Yun and Yang faced off against Gill in 3rd Strike and impressed him enough to make Yun and Yang protectors of their town. This duo can become the true next generation of the Street Fighter series.