When: November 2012
WLW Radio
Bill Cunningham
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Cunningham on "Barack Hussein Obama" 

Bill Cunningham, a radio host popular in Cincinnati and nowhere else, only refers to the president using his full name "Barack Hussein Obama." As anybody with a cursory understanding of today's political climate can surmise, it's not so much a show of respect as it is an attempt to fuel racist and Islamophobic attitudes. On a broadcast following the president's re-election, Cunningham could be observed openly grieving for the nation—or maybe his talk show's relevance. And then, in a bizarro turn of events, Cunningham asked, "Should I take my staff, crash in my skull and kill myself?" Whoa, whoa, do you really want us to answer that? We wouldn't go that far, but the plus side here is that Cunningham pledged to quit talk radio if Obama won re-election. We're waiting.