As Seen In: House of Wax (2005)

If you saw 2005's horror remake House of Wax in a theater when it first opened, you'll no doubt recall the amount of walkouts that happened once Paris Hilton's airhead character died. The death occurs about two-thirds into the movie, and, for those ticket-buyers who only dropped cash to see their least favorite untalented celebrity buy the farm, it signaled the film's true end, rolling credits be damned.

At least their money wasn't wasted on a lame, knife-meets-chest demise. No, director Jaume Collet-Serra made sure to stage her final scene as a long, drawn-out showstopper; the world demanded it. Trying to evade the killer inside an abandoned sugar mill, Paige (Hilton) hides for a minute before she's discovered. Then a large spear finds her forehead.

And, just to make an already painful death all the more excruciating, Paige's head pushes down to the spear's bottom once both her knees and the spear touch the ground. Blame it on gravity.