Steam's Big Picture mode is officially out of beta and available to all, so now you won't have to hunch over at your desk anymore for hours of PC gaming. you can hunch over on the couch instead.

Connect your PC (Windows or Mac) to any screen with an HDMI cable and press the Big Picture button in the top right of Steam, and voila. The interface, including a fancy new keyboard and web browser, is designed specifically for use with a controller. You can even have your PC boot directly into Steam's Big Picture mode and avoid having to use a mouse and keyboard at all, though that takes a few extra steps.

To celebrate, over 30 controller-friendly games are on sale on Steam until Dec. 10. Snatch 'em up while they're cheap and you can see just how well Steam's Big Picture mode works.

The video above highlights some of the best parts of Big Picture. Do you think it's a precursor to a full-on Steam game console? Or do you fail to see the point of controlling a PC gaming interface with a controller?