Oddly enough, many of the best comedies out feature some decidedly dramatic moments. Meanwhile, the best dramas are low-key funny as hell, from the whip-smart dialog on Justified, Steve Buscemi's perfectly-timed wise-cracks on Boardwalk Empire, and the Tarantino-esque comedic scenarios that play out on Sons.

Thanks to Kurt Sutter's incredibly twisted sense of humor, this series about a brotherhood of law-breaking bikers has somehow found a way to successfully weave in sideshows like recurring character and chronically-masturbating nutjob Chuck (Michael Marisi Ornstein) or Walton Goggins as the Southern-twanged, accommodating tranny Venus Van Damme. Macabre incidents such as a severed head floating in a pot of chili are also played for laughs. And how about the storied, much ballyhooed beef between Tig and Kozik (Kenny Johnson), which was later revealed to stem from...a late German Shepherd.

Sons can take some depressingly dark turns, but much-needed levity in between the gloom is always guaranteed.