Look, we get it. Office parties, eggnog, drunk-sledding, power-napping, and butter chugging will all be making a one way trip to your gut come January 1.

Well Microsoft and Nike will be doing their damnedest to make sure your arteries don't start looking like vanilla milk-shakes. The Xbox 360 Kinect bundle will be there to help you when you can no longer see your feet. The whole bundle includes a 4GB console, Kinect, Nike+Kinect TrainingKinect Adventures and a month of Xbox Live Gold for $250. That my rotund friends, is a deal.

The package is only valid through January 5, so get on it. Get your tummy crunch, high tuck, squat gobble on. Those are all exercises, right? Let us know if you plan to get your swoll on over on Twitter.