A few years ago it looked like Arrested Development was doomed to die a slow death in the memories of fans after the show was prematurely cancelled by Fox. However, not only has Netflix announced that it would be bringing the series back in the spring of 2013, but Deadline is now reporting that even more episodes have been added to the upcoming season. The site has revealed that Netflix will likely up the original 10-episode order to somewhere around 12-15 once the final count is done.

This means that production on the show will temporarily pause as executive producer Mitch Hurwitz can go through the existing footage and plan out how to fit in more episodes. Once that is done, the studio will begin contacting the actors to schedule more filming dates. Filming is expected to resume in late January.

“We are thrilled with the direction of the show, with the footage we have seen and with the relationship between Mitch, Imagine, 20th and Netflix,” a Netflix spokeswoman told the site. “At this time, we are not confirming or announcing the final episode count but we are sure fans will be thrilled when we do.”

Arrested Development will be back some time in the spring of next year.

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[via Deadline]