Apple and Samsung finally returned to court to settle the high profile patent infringement case, which awarded Apple $1 billion back in August. In addition to damages, Apple sought to ban certain Samsung handsets they felt violated company patents.

Federal Judge Lucy Koh, who has presided over the tech company legal quarrel, denied Apple's request to prohibit Samsung devices26 smartphones in particular. Koh decided that the infringing technology from Samsung is too minuscule to warrant a ban of its devices, and robs customers of the right to buy products.

Samsung also requested the $1 billion verdict to be tossed out, given the jury foreman was involved in patent litigation prior to the case against Apple. Samsung's request was denied.

Both parties are expected to appeal Koh's decision.

Apple has already filed another patent case against Samsung, accusing the company of patent infringement with the release of its latest phones. The case is expected to start in 2014

[via LA Times]