Millionaire inventor Ray Kurzweil has taken a break from writing and proposing theories about the future to pursue a new endeavour: a career at Google.

As the Director of Engineering at Google, Kurzweil plans to work on projects that may or may not seem absolutely crazy depending on how well you know his work and how many science fiction books you've read. Such ideas include developing ways to "live long enough to live forever," and bringing his father deceased father back to life. 

Don't worry—Kurzweil doesn't plan to go grave digging, nor does he have his pops cyrogenically frozen. Since his father's death in 1970, Kurzweil has stored memorabilia and odds and ends that belonged to his father in hopes of one day feeding all this data into a computer that would construct a virtual rendering of dad.  

His other major plan isn't as far-fetched. Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, has provided Kurzweil with over $250,000 to start Singularity University. The graduate school will offer unique programs in the fields of biotech, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Completion of the 10-week course will not result in a degree like traditional high education institutions, instead the students will then create a startup. 

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