Ray Kurzweil, a multi-millionaire, inventor, and author of numerous titles our immoral brains at Complex don’t usually associate ourselves with, has proposed a theory that in less than five decades the speed of change occurring in society will be too quick for humans to comprehend without directly merging our intelligence with machines. Sure, it might sound like mumble-jumble seeped in too many ‘80s sci-fi movie themes, but the current number of posts produced on this very website can be a miniscule indicator of Kurzweil’s belief becoming reality.

In addition, very human-like artificial intelligence, life extension technology that’ll help William Shatner retain his Priceline commercials, and scientific necromancy are some of the prime subjects hinted at in this trailer. We’re guessing Kurzweil discovered a theorem that works to support his points, but since none of us even fondled our fancy with high school calculus, we’re not even going to front like we have a complete understanding of this intricate subject matter. So, for us, director Robert Barry Ptolemy's film will work like an educational children’s program with stylish displays and charts. Take a peek at the new world order.