While we could probably say this about every year since forever, 2012 has been crazy. Legit crazy. First of all, we lived through the last date in our calendar that will ever feature three repeating numbers (12/12/12). Second, 2012 was when the Mayans said we would all die (that could still happen this Friday). Third, fourth, and fifth, we re-elected a president, endured an insane hurricane, and hovered on the edge of a metaphorical cliff that could cost us all a lot of money and awesome benefits. And let's not forget how we somehow made it through the Jelena breakup (and reunification...and breakup). 

Although Complex loves to read and watch the news, we feel there's an even better, faster, more efficient way to spread the word: GIFs. With GIFs, you get the picture and the movement you would while watching CNN or MSNBC without the annoying blather. You don't have to waste minutes of your life reading information you're likely to forget in five seconds anyway, and with some of these little packages of goodness, you even get a laugh. What's not to love? 

With that in mind, we bring you The 50 Biggest Stories of 2012, In GIFs, so you can relive the best, the worst, and the most cringe-inducing moments of the last 12 months. Now you won't have any excuse for thinking that Pussy Riot was a porno.  

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Compiled by Valeriya Safronova (@vsaffron)