The thing that sucks about musicals: They're musicals. More often than not, telling a story through song and dance is distracting, especially when the actors breaking into song in the middle of climactic scenes launch into tepid numbers that you would never listen to independently.

On rare occasions, though, musicals avoid laming out by forgoing the schmaltz of stage productions and employing songs that work on their own. This Christmas, when everybody should be packing theaters to see Django Unchained, the latest of auteur Quentin Tarantino's eminently quotable films, a bunch of saps will pay to see Les Misérables, the film adaptation of the stage musical based on French writer Victor Hugo's 1862 novel. If you're going to do that, we suggest you just stay in and watch one of these 10 Movie Musicals That Don't Suck.

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Written by Rich Knight (@Riknight36)