The music industry is no country for weak-willed people. Blinded by the innocence of creating art, many folks pursue recording careers in hopes of simply making powerful tunes, gaining respect from peers and critics, and earning enough cash to keep doing what they love—if only it were that easy. With success comes all of its spoils, most of which aren't conducive to a positive, productive life: drugs, alcohol, groupies' booties, and other negative, professionally hurtful vices often derail once-promising artists into lives of mental anguish and financial hardship.

And then there are the guys who are just plain nuts. Take Ginger Baker, the London-born drummer who played in Cream and Blind Faith and garnered a wild reputation for his heroin use, violent mood swings, and uncontrollable on-stage antics. Filmmaker Jay Bulger examines the controversial rocker's life in the new documentary Beware of Mr. Baker (opening in limited release this Friday), complete with commentary from the likes of Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana.

Fortunately for Baker, he overcame the many dramas surrounding him and survived the music industry with a pulse—something that, sadly, can't be said for too many others. Watching Beware of Mr. Baker, it's fascinating to wonder how his trials and tribulations would play out in a narrative format, a la Walk the Line. It's also interesting to think about all of the other singers and musicians who'd provide Hollywood with similarly intriguing stories. For a few of those, check out the following list of 10 Lesser-Known Music Artists Whose Stories Should Be Made Into Movies.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)