If the opportunity ever presents itself, read one of Quentin Tarantino's screenplays. They're all worth it, whether it's the Academy Award-winning and Golden Globe-snatching one for Pulp Fiction (1994), the Oscar-nominated Inglourious Basterds (2009), or that of any of the filmmaker's other critically acclaimed movies. His scripts are just as unruly and enthralling as the finished films.

Filled with direct references to the older movies each scene is influenced by, a Tarantino draft brims with energy and coasts along at a rapid-fire clip, thanks largely to his singularly rousing knack for brilliant dialogue and hypnotic monologues. As anyone who's ever enjoyed one of the man's flicks knows, Tarantino loves engaging his colorful characters in unpredictable, seemingly random, but ultimately meaningful and lasting conversations.

As a result, his movies are instantly quotable. The latest one, Django Unchained (in theaters Christmas Day), is no exception. For example, there's the titular freed slave (played by Jamie Foxx) pointing out that, when pronouncing his name, "The 'D' is silent." The rest of Django Unchained's one-liners are best saved for your own first-time viewing experience.

Before you complement Santa's Yuletide cheer with the year's only movie that includes Mandingo fighting, blood splattered across fields of cotton, and Jonah Hill playing a dimwitted Ku Klux Klan member, re-appreciate the writer-director's penchant for sterling dialogue with The Quentin Tarantino Soundboard.

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