We've checked out ZombiU before, and we liked what we saw, particularly in the ways the Wii U GamePad is implemented into the game.

The latest video from Revision3 Games highlights a different feature, one that wasn't brought to our attention before: permadeath. When your character dies in ZombiU, you don't respawn or start at a previous checkpoint like in other games; you wake up in a hub area as a totally different character. Then you have to make your way back to where you died and kill the zombified version of your former character to get all your equipment and weapons back.

Rev3 also points out how similar the game is to early Resident Evil titles, in that ammo is scarce and you're better off running from packs of zombies than fighting them. Sound interesting? Do you think the Wii U will be able to pull off games like ZombiU?

[via Revision3 via reddit]