Good news for JRPG fans who missed out on The Last Story because of limited supplies of the game's special edition U.S. release—publisher XSEED Games has announced that a new, standard edition is on its way to stores, and that the new edition will cost only $29.99, while the previous edition is now $39.99.

The Last Story is the latest game from Mistwalker, the studio founded by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. It's also probably the last great Wii game that will ever be released. Here's the official description:

The Last Story centers on a band of mercenaries and follows them on their journey to gain wealth and notoriety. Throughout the adventure, players will experience an engaging story with an emphasis on immersion and environmental interaction. Gameplay is action-oriented, utilizing a cover system and both ranged and melee combat, but also includes strategic elements such as a battle command system which players can use to issue orders to party members on-the-fly, expertly blending classic turn-based mechanics with real-time action combat.

Can The Last Story sate your hunger for good JRPGs? Well, if not, there's always Persona 4.