Turns out that how you play video games is almost as distinctive as any other form of biometric data about an individual.

Researchers at the Southwest Research Institute are hoping to replace traditional password identification with video game puzzles that can be used as 'cognitive fingerprints'. It seems that people go about solving puzzles in many different ways, so many ways, actually, that an individual user can be identified by how a problem is tackled.

SRI calls this "covert-conditioned biometrics." It's probably a whole lot cheaper than retina scans and security footage monitoring. Applying principles of Game Theory,

"In the program, would-be users are taken through unique sets of problem-solving puzzles, and the team asserts the system will recognize its user based on the way they solve these puzzles. A different user trying to gain access will have a different response pattern to the puzzles, and will initiate a warning and fail the log-in."

Well the future just called and wants to know when you'd like your cybernetic upgrades. Let us know what you think on Twitter.

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