Appeared In: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), Moonraker (1979)
Played By: Richard Kiel
Diabolical Weapon: Indestructible metal teeth
Killed By: Survives

With his mountainous frame and mangled metal teeth, Jaws is an oddity among the Bond villains, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a fan favorite. He’s one of the rare foes to appear in more than one 007 movie, and in both The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker his viciousness knew no bounds. Jaws has been known to bite clean through the flesh of any opponent—from run-of-the-mill humans to great white sharks—and despite being faced with death constantly, he always walks away unscathed and with a sadistic grin.

Also, unlike many Bond villains, not much is known about Jaws. We don’t know who he really is or how he got those trademark metal teeth, but in an age where everything is spelled out for us, a little mystery can go a long way. It’s tempting to want to see a new actor take on the Jaws role, but we think it’s best to leave the classics alone.