Alright, before this goes any further, please take note: this is not an official deal, and Crytek has by no means said that they'll ever do this, even if the petition gets 3 million signatures. But some diehard TimeSplitters fans have created a campaign to "test the waters" and show Crytek that people are still interested in the time-bending FPS series.

Crytek purchased and absorbed TimeSplitters developers Free Radical in 2009, and the long-awaited TimeSplitters 4 is officially shelved. But Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has reportedly said that the developer would consider reviving the series if there was enough demand. Hence this attempt to acquire 300,000 signatures to show interest in a TimeSplitters HD Collection.

The collection would include the first three TimeSplitters games, if it really existed. Either way, might as well sign—who knows what could happen?

[via reddit]