Season: 7
Air Date: 5/17/01

Friends somewhat shamelessly saved the biggest events in its characters' lives for sweeps/finale time but that never cheapened the moments themselves. There are plenty of great finales to choose from, like Ross (David Schwimmer) Freudian-slipping Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) name during his marriage to Emily, or Monica's (Courteney Cox) proposal to Chandler (Matthew Perry), but ultimately we had to go with their actual wedding that concluded the sitcom's seventh season.

Chandler's inevitable case of cold feet is compounded when the gang learns Monica may be pregnant. Meanwhile, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) struggles to make the nuptials in time, stuck on-set of movie that could be the big break he's been waiting for, opposite a hilariously pompous thespian played by Gary Oldman.

Of course, the wedding goes down as planned, with the appropriately heartwarming exchange of vows between Monica and Chandler, and the shocking reveal that the positive pregnancy test actually belongs to Rachel.