Release date: April 21, 1998
Record label: Interscope

How's this for a mini review: The Bulworth soundtrack was good enough to almost forgive Warren Beatty for ridiculously dressing up in hip-hop gear and embarrassing white raps fans everywhere in the movie of the same name. The operative word, of course, being "almost."

Ignoring Beatty's silly performance here, let's instead focus on Bulworth the album's finely tuned gathering of dope MCs and producers. A massive crossover hit, Fugees alum Pras Michel's "Ghetto Superstar," featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard and Mya, sold the soundtrack as something of a hip-pop undertaking, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Take the two records produced by RZA: his short action film blended with a horror movie score, "The Chase," and Cappadonna's creeping account of fleeing away from the fuzz, "Run."

Still not convinced? Peep the title of Ice Cube's collaboration with Mack 10: "Maniac in the Brainiac." There's also former Organized Noize affiliate Witchdoctor's moody chamber piece "Holiday/12 Scanner" and Eve's pre-Ruff Ryders explosion of feminine wrath, "Eve of Destruction."

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