Any interview with a Jersey Shore castmate tends to be hilarious. This is no exception. The infamous Deena Cortese—who viewers watched get arrested in last week's episode—called into BuzzFeed to fill them in on what's next in her, um, career. She goes on to talk about her arrest, gay marriage, and her bigget regret on the show.

On her plans after the show:

Right now I'm working on a hair product called "Wisper," and I'm also working on a clothing line, it's called "Short Couture." It's going to be for girls, skinny and heavy, with tight skirts, but also flowy so you can wear a belt. I want it to be for everyone. I'm also working on doing voice overs for cartoons. I haven't tried out for any yet, but I'm doing voice lessons and stuff to prepare myself for auditions.

On gay marriage

I just feel like everyone has the right to have their own opinions, and I'm in no place to judge anybody else. I'm for gay marriage, and I think everyone should be be to do whatever they want. But I'm not going to bash the girl for having an opinion.

On her arrest:

I ended up getting a $100 fine for not using the sidewalk. At the end of the day, it was actually a really fun day. Should I have been walking in traffic? No, because I could have hurt myself or someone else. At the end of the day the cops were just trying to save me from hurting myself, but I wasn't really hurting anyone I was just having a good time. I woke up so drunk that morning and went out and just kept drinking and I wanted to have a meatball day* and no one else was doing that, but I just wanted to have fun that day.

Her biggest regret on the show:

My biggest regret was probably not wearing underwear.

Well, there you have it, folks.

[via BuzzFeed]